Witch’s Hat Tutorial

Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without a witch’s hat to wear!

Celebrate the season by making this fabulous witch’s hat for your teddy bear.  Using only a couple of pieces of felt, this is a quick and easy make.

Materials Required:

  • Felt 45cm x 25cm
  • 2 x 10cm of 6mm Elastic
  • Matching Thread
  • Embellishments
  • Paper, Pen & Ruler to make the pattern
  • Sewing Machine or Needle if hand sewing


To Make The Pattern

To make the Cone (click on each photo for close up)

On a piece of paper, measure 15cm on the left hand side and mark.

On the bottom edge, measure 13cm and mark

Draw a straight line between the two marks so you have a triangle



On the line that you have just drawn make a mark 4 cm from the bottom edge

Now draw a curve from the bottom left hand corner to the mark to form a cone shape


To make the Rim (click on each photo for close up)

Draw two marks on a piece of paper 19cm apart

Mark the middle point – 9.5cm

From the middle point, draw a line straight upwards.  Mark 8cm on the line

From the centre line, place the ruler at an angle of approximately 45 degrees and draw a line. Repeat on the other side.

Mark 8.5cm on the 45 degree line


Draw a curve between each line mark



On the bottom of the rim, mark 3.5cm each side of the centre line

On the centre line, place a mark at 2cm



On the 45 degree lines, place a mark at 2.2cm




Draw a curve between each line mark




Cut out the pattern pieces






Cut Out the Pattern Pieces

Each pattern piece should be placed on the fold of the fabric as follows:

For the cone, the long straight edge should be placed on the fold of the fabric




For the rim, the bottom end of the pattern should be placed on the fold of the fabric










Making The Hat

Using a ¼ inch seam allowance, sew down the long edge of the cone. Backstitch at the beginning and end to secure the stitching.

Trim the seam allowance at the tip of the cone. Press the remaining seam allowance open.

Turn the cone out the right way out, teasing out the top point.


With the wrong side of the rim facing upwards, place the cone into the centre hole, lining up the cone seam with one side.

Pin the cone to the rim ensuring that the raw edges are aligned all the way round.




Fold each piece of elastic in half. Pin one piece on the rim directly be the seam of the cone and the other piece on the opposite side.  Ensure that the raw edges of the elastic are aligned with the raw edges of the rim / cone.



Using a ¼ inch seam allowance, sew cone to hat making sure that the raw edges remain aligned at all times.  Sew slowly, stopping every few inches to reposition the fabric as required.




Remove pins and turn the hat out.







Embellish as required.






















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