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Different Types of Woven Fabrics

Different Types of Woven Fabrics and Their Uses

In our previous blog post, we looked at how woven fabric is created and its characteristics.  In our blog post today, we look at 16 different types of woven fabrics that you may encounter in your sewing...
on June 14, 2023
Pile of fabric sitting on a wooden block with a plant in the background

What is Woven Fabric?

If you’re new to sewing, you’ve probably heard the term woven fabric. In this blog post, we look at what woven fabric is, its characteristics and how it is made.
on June 10, 2023
Sewing machine needles

Choosing the right sewing machine needle.

Selecting the right size and type of needle is just as important for the success of your sewing project as selecting the fabric and thread. In this blog post we review the different size and types of...
on June 08, 2023
Pile of blue and pink fabric with a reel of thread on top.

Five Tips For Upcycling Fabric Into Beautiful New Teddy Bear Outfits.

We're huge fans of upcycling at Best Dressed Bears and most of the teddy bear outfits featured in our teddy bear clothes sewing patterns have been made from second-hand fabric. In our blog today, we...
on June 05, 2023
Close up of a sewing machine needle

Getting to the Point…….

Uncover the crucial role of the sewing machine needle! From stitch formation to preventing damage, find out how the needle shape impacts your sewing machine, fabric, and thread.
on May 22, 2023
8 zips in various colours

The History of the Zipper

Explore the fascinating history of zippers! From Elias Howe's first attempt to Gideon Sundback's modern design, discover how zippers became a wardrobe staple. From boots to clothing, this little fastener has revolutionized fashion.
on May 22, 2023
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