Make A Cute Easter Bunny T-shirt

We love all things Easter and bunnies around here, so I’ve designed a little template that you can use to add a cute little Easter bunny to your teddy bear’s t-shirt to make a special Easter outfit. The Easter Bunny with its big floppy ears can be made from felt or a fabric of your choice.  Add a little pom-pom to create a cute little fluffy tail.

The Easter Bunny template and instructions are available in the Best Dressed Bears Community Facebook group. Simply go to the homepage of the group and look in the FILES section to find it.


The Best Dressed Bears Community Facebook Group

The Best Dressed Bears Community Facebook group is a friendly and supportive group where members can celebrate their sewing achievements, ask questions and see teddy bear clothes made by people from all over the world. It's a great place to find inspiration. There are regular events and competitions and exclusive freebies for group members too!  

To join our Facebook group, simply click here. Membership is limited to people who subscribe to our newsletter, Instagram or Facebook page, and those who have purchased a Best Dressed Bears pattern. Please confirm where you heard about the group when requesting to join.

We would love to see you there xx 

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